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From the most ancient civilizations to the present day, honey has been considered by mankind to be one of the most divine pleasures in nature. For the Greeks honey was a sacred delicacy that only the richest and most fortunate could enjoy. The Egyptians had such an appreciation for honey that they asked for a pot to be placed in their sarcophagi before death, fearing that they would not be able to enjoy the exquisite food in the afterlife. Even the Mayans used honey to pay homage to the gods.

With the passing of time and experience, love, passion and the challenge of creating an exquisite honey have led to FEYCE succeeding in creating a unique and impeccable range of widely varied honeys. Its long tradition in the world of bee keeping dates back to past times in which tradition and care for honey became its fundamental pillars. These two conditions continue to be very present today in its production philosophy, also together with innovation and the desire for improvement.


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